Jacaranda Art Exhibition 2018

 The Bendigo Bank Open Art Prize - won by Julie Hutchings 'Fly High' (115)

Grand Champion - Open to all Grafton Art Club Members won by Liz Slater 'Bush Colour' (187)

Sections 1 to 12

1. Oils   1st Jane Wilson 'Thoughtful' (230)    2nd Stacey Conridge 'Brown onions on white paper' (52)

2. Acrylics   1st Julianne Gosper 'Snoop Dog' (95)  2nd Pauline Cole 'Good Morning' (41)

3. Watercolour   1st Elaine Bowman 'Song Bird' (20)  2nd Lola McPhee 'Sheds at Cowper' (164)

4. Pastel   1st Rhondella Hyde 'Coffs Coast' (120)  2nd Lucy McGill 'Rainforest' (159)

5. Pencil/Ink/Charcoal   1st Liz Slatter 'Ducks Rest' (189)  2nd Julianne Gosper 'My Mate Jake' (96)

6. Mixed Media   1st Pam Fysh 'Leaves & Flowers' (82)  2nd Patrycia Buckland 'in memorium the old Blackbutt' (30)

7. Abstract   1st Linda Mayer 'Beyond the Horizon' (139)  2nd  Mapping of a small world' (31)

8. Sculpture  1st Jenny Mansfield 'Treasure Box 1' (142)  2nd Jab Homer 'Baa' (114)

9. Digital Art  1st Maggie Putland 'Fire upon the water' (184)

10. Photography   1st  Judy Eggins 'Silos at Thallon' (70)  2nd  Anne Carter 'Skipper Butterfly (35)

11.Intermediate   1st Robbin Bender 'Jarvis Bay' (9)  2nd  Vicki Corbett 'Angourie Blue Pools' (45)

12. Novice     1st Charmayne Lardner 'Harry & Hilda' (129)  2nd Charmayne Lardner 'Bert & Audrey (128)

'Pour Painting' Invitation 2018

1st Debbie Vercoe 'Surfs Up' (202)    2nd Leisa Williams 'Cerebral Porpoise Dream' (215)

Aquisitive Purchase - Grafton Regional Gallery - Matt Foley 'Car Park with Crows'  (83)

Aquisitive Purchase - Westlawn Finance - Liz Slater 'Ducks Rest' (189



Bendigo Bank Student Art PRIZE    1st  Chloe Jeffries 'Neon Birds' (239)

2nd Jack Benfield 'Bright Eyes' (234)     3rd Meckenzie Jane Jagoe 'Bambi' (241)

McLennans Youth Award   Natasha Clausen 'Maybe Famous' (247)

Primary Champion    Jessica Kelly 'Kookaburra'  (278)

Primary Junior   1st Elle Latham 'Vase of Flowers' (283)   2nd Mitchell Kelly 'On the run' (276)

Primary Senior  1st Sophie Brien 'Pair of Bee Eaters' (261)  2nd Sophie Watts 'Terrace Houses (268)

Secondary Junior    Corey Chaffer 'Wild Colour'  (257)  2nd Mikayla Chaffer 'Pair of Kingfishers' (260)

Secondary Intermediate  1st Natasha Clausen 'Jessie' (255)  2nd Natasha Clausen 'Sister' (253)