Jacaranda 2012

   Winner of the Bendigo Open Art Prize - Sponsored by Bendigo Bank South Grafton Branch 'Reflections' by Chris Hazell 

   Winner of the Jacaranda Portrait Prize - Sponsored by Theodore Conderman 'Kokoda Rose' by Julie Hutchings 

   Winner - Grand Champion'Cow Skull & Opium Pipe' by Stacey (Beeman) Conridge 

Jacaranda Art Exhibition 2012    October 27th to November 3rd

Congratulations to all winners  

List of winners:

Bendigo Bank Open Art Prize - Chris Hazell - 'Reflection'

Jacaranda Open Portrait Prize - Julie Hutchings - - 'Kokoda Rose'

Grand Champion -  Stacey (Beeman) Conridge - 'Cow Skull & Opium Pipe'

1. Oil:   1st   Robyn Jackson - 'View across the river'      2nd  Julianne Gosper - 'Majestic Defender'

2. Acrylic:     1st   Olga Cardin - 'Windy Flinders Island'      2nd  Tony Bush - 'Black & Blue'

3. Watercolour:     1st   Lyn Burchart - 'Kakadu Dancers'      2nd  Anne Falkner - 'Morning in Ulmarra'

4. Pastel:      1st   Pam Fysh - 'Into the Forest'      2nd  Jan Jackson - 'Silver Light'

5. Pencil-Ink-Charcoal:     1st  Daphne Maughan - 'Old camp site'      2nd Rhondella Hyde - 'Exotic dancer'

6. Mixed Media:    1st  Julianne Gosper - 'Moment of Touch' (Diptych)      2nd Elizabeth Yoeman - 'Billabong'

7. Printmaking:   1st  Julianne Gosper - 'Golden Light'      2nd  Suzanne Monin - 'Tuckeroo'

8. Sculpture:   1st   Jim Cross - 'Boss Rooster'      2nd Eoin McSwan - 'Return to Jurassic'

9. Small Works:    1st  Henk Kaptein - 'Violin Etude'      2nd   Carole Bryant - 'Ramornies Bob's second chance'

10: Intermediate - Any medium:    1st  Melanie Dougherty - 'Memories'      2nd  Moira Belbin - 'Ocean Walk'

11. Novice - Any medium:      1st  Tony Bush - 'Children of the sun'      2nd  Cheryl Kirby - 'Lifes Toys'

Acquisitive Purchases selected by:

Grafton Regional Gallery Collection:   Jim Cross - 'Boss Rooster' 

Westlawn Finance:    Anne Falkner   -    'Afternoon on the Clarence'

Landscape Scholarship - Workshop at Coombadjah:    Jan Jackson - 'Rock Candy'